Public Procurement Change Agents Programme

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Dates and venues: Full 09 Apr - 12 Apr. 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand
Duration: 4 days
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This course is fully booked.

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$3525 including training and post-training support and advice:

• Ongoing assistance of the UNDP Public Procurement Change Agents Advisor

• Access to a moderated Public Procurement Change Agents Forum

• Access pre-qualified consultants through the UNDP’s public procurement reform expert roster

Participants are responsible for cost of own airfare and hotel accommodations.

Registration deadline: 09 Mar. 2018
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Potential Change Agents may include but are not limited to:

  • Development organisations that are working to support partners interested in public procurement reform;
  • Political actors who are seeking to frame a public procurement policy agenda;
  • Public/ civil servants who are seeking to improve public procurement capacity;
  • Civil society representatives who perceive issues with a public procurement system and who are seeking to make positive changes;
  • Business and industry associations representatives that perceive shortcomings or are seeking to make improvements in a public procurement system; and
  • Public procurement managers who may be challenged in implementing public procurement reforms.

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the following capabilities:

How to enhance public procurement systems and their workings?

  • Identify the nature of various procurement systems including policy objectives, legislative and regulatory frameworks and their practice implications.
  • Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of various procurement systems
  • Identify and explain general points of intervention for policy and practice improvement

How to provide evidence based policy development and practice transformation?

  • Explain the concept of evidence based policy and practice development and its application to the development of public procurement systems
  • Identify available sources of data/information for understanding the workings of public procurement systems
  • Use analytical tools and techniques to provide evidence to support policy development and practice transformation

What is stakeholder identification and engagement?

  • Identify the stakeholders in the various aspects of public procurement systems
  • Identify and circumscribe problems and opportunities in public procurement systems
  • Determine the needs, issues and influences of stakeholders
  • Determine how to most effectively engage various stakeholders in circumscribing opportunity realization or problem resolution
  • Sustaining stakeholder motivation and engagement in policy processes and/or in facilitating practice transformation.


Topics to be covered

Day 1: Public procurement systems and their workings

Day 2: Evidence based policy development and practice transformation

Day 3: Engaging stakeholders

Day 4: Fully worked case study examples and information on access to post training supports


Information is provided on how the participants may access the supports available through the UNDP Public Procurement Change Agents Programme including:

  • Access the online assistance of the UNDP Public Procurement Change Agents Advisor;
  • Participate in and benefit from the moderated Public Procurement Change Agents Forum via a collaboration platform; and,
  • Access pre-qualified consultants as may be required through the UNDP’s public procurement reform expert roster.
Tutor profile
Christine Tonkin
Christine Tonkin

Christine Tonkin has had over 20 years experience in public procurement management at the sub-national, national and international levels.  She has held director posts in the UNDP, at UN Peacekeeping - (UNAMID) and at the International Atomic Energy Agency. Christine is an innovator who has introduced and successfully implemented modern procurement management approaches throughout her career in this field. Since retiring from the UN system in 2013, she has been providing consulting services internationally primarily related to the implementation public procurement reforms.

Based on an initiative of the UNDP Trinidad and Tobago Country Office, Christine has developed a toolkit for supporting evidence based public procurement practice transformation as part of a Change Agents Programme. A training course has been develop to introduce Change Agents to the associated tools and techniques.  Christine is one of the tutors delivering this training.