Procurement Strategy Development

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Dates and venues: Full 08 Jan - 10 Jan. 2019 in Dubai, U.A.E
Duration: 3 days
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Registration deadline: 10 Dec. 2018
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This course is designed for procurement practitioners at all levels and is also recom-mended for programme and project staff and other procurement stakeholders involved in the planning, monitoring or oversight of procurement.  The course will particularly benefit those who wish to take a more proactive and strategic approach to their procurement activities by developing and implementing an integrated corporate procurement strategy.


By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
• Describe the issues that need to be considered when developing a procurement strategy for a business unit
• Articulate the objectives of a procurement activity for a business unit
• Conduct procurement spend analysis, supply risk assessments, demand and supply market analysis
• Model and implement strategies for significant procurement
• Implement strategies for routine, volume, critical and strategic procurement portfolio
• Align systems, capacities and administrative processes with strategic objectives
• Measure performance, outcomes and results


Topics to be covered

The principles of procurement strategy development
Understanding the procurement portfolio
Procurement profiling and spend analysis
Supply positioning and supply risk
Understanding the organisation's market impact
Demand and supply market analysis
Developing corporate procurement objectives
Strategies for routine, volume, critical and strategic procurement
Implementation of significant procurement strategies (high risk/spend categories)
How to align procurement functions with strategic objectives?
Managing procurement systems, capacities, and administrative processes
How to manage stakeholders and suppliers
How Long Term Supply Agreements can support category based strategies
Procurement scheduling and planning
Measurement of results and outcomes



The course is designed to be highly interactive.
Participants will be working on challenging hands-on practical exercises and case studies with peers from other organizations and share best practices in public procurement.


"It highlighted main points that need to be improved or developed within my functions as procurement agent in obtaining the best possible results"

"It is essential to procurement management and operating staff"

"I have gained valuable insight which will help me in contract management"

"I am likely to make a better budget having learnt how to incorporate procurement"

Tutor profile
Marco Sosted
Marco Sosted

Marco Soested has been a tutor on UNDP's training courses for several years and has conducted standard and tailor-made courses for UN system organisations, Governments, and IFI's around the world the last 10 years.

Marco Soested joined UNDP in 1995 and has solid experience in identifying, planning and undertaking large scale procurement on behalf of UNDP, UN, GO and NGO clients world-wide. He has provided procurement related support to the UNDP Country offices in Yemen, Jerusalem and Sudan where he was stationed for a longer period of time. His main expertise lies within the area of procurement, contracting and logistics.

Marco is a regular tutor on our courses on "Introductory Certificate in Public Procurement" (Level 2), Advanced Certificate in Public Procurement (Level 3), "Strategic Diploma in Public Procurement" (Level 4), "Supply Chain Management in Humanitarian Organizations” and “Risk Management in Contracting for Construction Services”.

Since 2004, Marco has worked with the implementation of UNDP’s procurement strategy and applied various analytical tools, such as spend analysis, supply and demand analysis and transaction analysis.

Marco has conducted several field missions on behalf of UNDP to e.g. Zambia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Palestinian Territories, Afghanistan, Russian Federation, where he conducted supplier inspections and assisted UNDP Country Offices with training and capacity development, streamlining of procurement processes, and developing procurement capacities.

Marco is a Danish National and his academic qualifications are in Economics.