Risk Management in Contracting for Construction Services



This course will provide participants with a clear understanding of Risk Management as a tool to manage construction projects to improve cost, timeliness and quality and to communicate effectively with stakeholders.
Construction projects can be of high value and/or high risk and if not planned and managed well can easily run over time, over budget and not deliver what was originally expected.

Designed For:

This course is designed for those working in the public sector interested in gaining a compre-hensive overview of risk management in contracting for construction services. Specifically, it would be relevant to those working in the procurement function or project development phase, or those working in functions that include close interaction with the procurement function, such as programme staff who would like a closer understanding of construction management.


Participants will gain a thorough understanding of:

• How to undertake risk analysis and identify critical factors for success and how to determine the best procurement strategy
• Your agency’s objectives for this purchase and its demand requirements
• How the supply market operates and the capability of suppliers to meet your requirements
• How to pre-empt unrealistic stakeholder expectations (donors and government) to execute complex construction projects
• How to operate in unstable environments and with limited local supply market

Topics to be covered:

The construction procurement framework
Risk management methods
Establishment of scope of work
The identification of the project outcomes
Development of a procurement plan
Supply chain assessment
Prequalification process
Contract selection
Contract administration
Types of contracts
Sample contracts and conditions
Construction terminology
Acceptable cost planning including contingencies



The course is designed to be highly interactive with an appropriate mix of theory and group work. Participants will further be working on challenging hands-on case studies and exercises.


"A very interesting and useful course which I would recommend to my colleagues"

"We (UNDP Liberia) have just completed the 3 day civil works training and it was highly successful. It will make a big difference to the cooperation between programmes and operations in meeting our considerable deliverables with civil works in an extremely challenging environment"



$1475 USD per participant