Tutor Profiles

UNDP tutors are drawn from both UNDP's own staff as well as its roster of external experts.

You can be assured that all have extensive and relevant experience. A selection of their profiles are shown here.

Torben Soll


Torben Soll is Deputy Director for UNDP’s Office of Procurement and Chief for the Global Procurement Services (GPS) Division in Copenhagen, Denmark; responsible for the provision of US$ 200-300 million worth of procurement services in selected strategic sectors, i.e. Election and ID, Health, Energy & Environment etc. The GPS also includes the Procurement Training Unit, in charge of providing training and CIPS accredited procurement certification programmes.

Torben is Chairing the Professional Development Working Group of the United Nation’s High-Level Committee on Management – Procurement Network (HLCM-PN) leading the common procurement professionalization efforts in the UN System.

For the Training Unit in UNDP, Torben is responsible for the design, development and implementation of procurement training, certification and quality assurance initiatives at individual, organizational and partner country levels.

Prior to joining UNDP, Torben spent four years with the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UN-ESCWA) in Lebanon, where he worked as Team Leader and Economic Affairs Officer.

Before joining the UN system in 2000, he worked 7 years as Chief Consultant in Ramboll Management Ltd, the largest Danish private management consulting company in the area of public sector development.

Torben is a regular tutor on UNDP courses with the main focus being on the CIPS accredited Introductory (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3) Certificates in Public Procurement as well as the Strategic Diploma in Public Procurement (Level 4).

Torben is FCIPS (Fellow, Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply) and has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from Roskilde University, Denmark.

Torben Soll

Marco Sosted


Marco Soested has been a tutor on UNDP's training courses for several years and has conducted standard and tailor-made courses for UN system organisations, Governments, and IFI's around the world the last 10 years.

Marco Soested joined UNDP in 1995 and has solid experience in identifying, planning and undertaking large scale procurement on behalf of UNDP, UN, GO and NGO clients world-wide. He has provided procurement related support to the UNDP Country offices in Yemen, Jerusalem and Sudan where he was stationed for a longer period of time. His main expertise lies within the area of procurement, contracting and logistics.

Marco is a regular tutor on our courses on "Introductory Certificate in Public Procurement" (Level 2), Advanced Certificate in Public Procurement (Level 3), "Strategic Diploma in Public Procurement" (Level 4), "Supply Chain Management in Humanitarian Organizations” and “Risk Management in Contracting for Construction Services”.

Since 2004, Marco has worked with the implementation of UNDP’s procurement strategy and applied various analytical tools, such as spend analysis, supply and demand analysis and transaction analysis.

Marco has conducted several field missions on behalf of UNDP to e.g. Zambia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Palestinian Territories, Afghanistan, Russian Federation, where he conducted supplier inspections and assisted UNDP Country Offices with training and capacity development, streamlining of procurement processes, and developing procurement capacities.

Marco is a Danish National and his academic qualifications are in Economics.

Marco Sosted

Yuriy Silayev


Yuriy Silayev currently works as a Procurement Analyst with the UNDP Procurement Services Unit in Copenhagen, Denmark.

He has more than 11 years of experience within the UN in the area of procurement, contracts and supply chain management. Prior to joining the UNDP Procurement Support Office (PSO) in Copenhagen in 2010, Yuriy worked in various duty stations such as Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL), Zimbabwe (UNDP) and Sudan (UNFPA) managing diverse and complex procurement projects and logistics.

For the past 6 years, Yuriy has been working with the UNDP PSO Global Procurement Unit planning and managing procurement of a wide range of goods and services associated with considerable complexity and value (HIV diagnostics, medical and laboratory equipment, chemicals, electoral materials, freight forwarding services, cargo insurance, etc.). He has a strong background in market research, risk analysis, planning and strategy development, contract management, and strategic supplier relationship and networking.

Prior to joining the UN, Yuriy served in the Ukrainian Armed Forces for about 15 years. Yuriy is a Ukrainian national and holds Advanced University Degrees in Law and Electronic Warfare.

Yuriy Silayev

Greg Soneff


Greg Soneff joined UNDP/PSO in 2010 and works today as Procurement Specialist and Team Leader for the GFATM Procurement Team based in Copenhagen.

Greg has almost 10 years of experience in the area of International Procurement and Supply Chain Management. Greg worked as a procurement associate with UNDP/IAPSO from 2004-2006 before joining A.P. Moller-Maersk in a strategic sourcing function. Greg has a strong background within the areas of procurement strategy development, spend & risk analysis, supplier relationship management, and complex project management.

Greg currently tutors the “Introductory Certificate in Public Procurement – CIPS Level 2” and “Contract and Supplier Relationship Management” courses.

Greg is a Canadian national and holds a Master's Degree in Commerce and International Economics.

Greg Soneff

Carsten Hansen


Senior Procurement Adviser with Bureau for Management Services, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), delivering strategic sourcing and global risk management advisory support. Previously managed a Procurement & Logistics Division in Lebanon (UNRWA 2010-2011), led a procurement team responsible for procurement operations across Somalia (UNDP 2007-2010), Programme Operations Manager in Somalia (2004-7), Head of Office Puntland State of Somalia (2003-4) and supported operations in the Horn of Africa region (UNOPS 2001-3). Conducted Military Peacekeeping Operations with UNIKOM Umm Qasr/Iraq (1995) and UNPROFOR Sarajevo/BiH (1994), including humanitarian INGO operations in Croatia and Mostar/BiH (1992-93).

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), School of Management, Centre for Strategic Procurement and Supply Management at Cranfield University (UK). Also holds an MBA in Business Management (USA), an MA in International Affairs (DK) and a specialized MA in Conflict Analysis and Security Studies (UK), including an advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Middle Eastern Studies. A procurement certified member of CIPS (MCIPS), also holding PRINCE2 Project Management certification and an International Human Resource Management (IHRM) accreditation (Cornell University).

Specialties: —Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Management,  Management Research,— Operational Risk Management,— Political Risk Analysis,— Enterprise Risk Management (ERM),— Training & Capacity Building,— Offshore Outsourcing

Carsten Hansen

Godwill Enow-Ebot


Godwill Enow-Ebot is Procurement Officer with the UNDP Procurement Support Office in Copenhagen. He has a Bachelor degree in Economics and Information Technology from the University of Southern Denmark, Post Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management from Robert Gordon University, UK and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.

He joined the UNDP Procurement Support Office in 2009, providing procurement services to UNDP Country Offices within the areas of Health, Crisis prevention/Recovery and Energy/Environment. He has been instrumental in the implementation of procurement strategies, providing advisory, operational support both remote and onsite to different UNDP country offices. He also provides procurement training and capacity building to Programmes and projects to different UNDP Country Offices.

Godwill worked previously with DHL Express Denmark from 2002-2009 in the capacities as Operations and Business performance Analyst where he was instrumental in helping the organization in improving its operational processes and distribution centre efficiency.

Godwill is originally from Cameroon and naturalised Danish Citizen. He is CIPS level 4 and Prince 2 Project Management Certified.

Godwill Enow-Ebot

Bakhtiyor Khamraev


Mr. Bakhtiyor Khamraev is currently the Team Lead for the Global Procurement Hub/Procurement Service Unit UNDP HQ. Delivering advisory and direct procurement support to UNDP Business Units globally. Previously managed the Central Procurement Unit in NY (UNDP HQ 2010-2014), led procurement teams in Indonesia (UNDP 2007-2010), Timor-Leste (2006-2007) and Uzbekistan (2003-2005). Before joining UNDP he acted as Senior Procurement Specialist for IFIs funded large regional projects in Central Asia (1998-2003). Has experience in private and public organizations in consulting, banking, construction and tourism industries (1993-1997).

Bakhtiyor has also undertaken several field missions on behalf of UNDP (Armenia, Pakistan, Kenya, Togo, Fiji, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Somalia, Philippines, Denmark, Thailand, HQ NY and Malaysia) where he conducted training, strategy development, operational support and capacity development. He has an extensive practical experience in establishing Global/Corporate and Local Long Term Agreements for goods and services in various counties and UNDP HQ.

Bakhtiyor has an engineering degree and PhD in Economics.  A procurement certified full member of MCIPS Chartered Professional.


Bakhtiyor Khamraev

Victor Margall


Victor Margall von Hegyeshalmy joined UNDP in 2006 and works today as Procurement Specialist and Team Leader for Electoral Procurement at UNDP PSO in Copenhagen.

He manages and coordinates complex electoral procurement projects and Long Term Agreements (LTAs), participates as facilitator in procurement workshops and regularly conducts support missions to UNDP Country Offices (mainly to Africa, also Middle East and Europe), providing advice and support in procurement processes, procurement strategies, contracts management, and liaison with stakeholders.

As PSO training tutor, his primary expertise lies within public procurement and contract management and delivers courses in both English and Spanish.

His work experience at UNDP includes also the management of LTAs, electronic procurement platforms, supervising the GFATM Procurement Team at PSO, and numerous complex procurement projects in diverse areas.

He started in the UN system in 2003 at UNICEF Supply Division as a Consultant for Strategic Analysis of UNICEF’s Immunization Global procurement strategy and for large contracts in Emergency and Water/Sanitation projects. In addition, he brings with him experience from the private sector as Analyst in a major international airline.

Victor is a Spanish national and holds a BBA and MBA Masters Degree by ESADE (Barcelona), and a Cand. Merc. Masters Degree in International Management and Marketing by CBS (Copenhagen Business School).


Victor Margall

Alfonso Fernandez de Castro


Alfonso Fernandez de Castro is currently Procurement Advisor in the Procurement Strategy & Policy Support Unit in UNDP Headquarters New York.

With more than 10 years in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Alfonso joined UNDP in 2002 in Copenhagen, Denmark. From 2002 to 2004, he was Procurement Advisor in the Regional Service Center in Johannesburg for the African Region. Prior to joining HQ in New York, he was head of the Global Procurement Unit in UNDP/ IAPSO.

For the past 6 years, he has conducted standard and tailor-made courses for several organizations in English and Spanish, including UNDP, UNPD and Government organizations around the world. For UNDP/PSO, Alfonso currently tutors “Introductory Certificate in Public Procurement – CIPS Level 2” as well as “Certificado de Adquisiciones Publicás – CIPS Nivel 2”

Alfonso is a Spanish national and holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

Alfonso Fernandez de Castro

Poul Muller


Poul Muller has been a tutor for UNDP's training courses the last 10 years and has conducted standard and tailor-made courses for various organizations in Europe, the Middle and Far East, Africa and North America.

Poul joined UNDP/IAPSO in 1994 and has solid experience in handling largescale Supply-Chain Management and e-procurement projects on behalf of UNDP, UN, GO and NGO clients worldwide. In 2007, he provided procurement related support to the UNDP Country Office in South Sudan, where he was stationed for a longer period of time as acting Head of Procurement, Contracting and Logistics.

Until the end of 2011 Poul was a Procurement Advisor for the Global Procurement Unit (GPU) within UNDP/PSO, as well as Team Leader for the GPU Health Team.

On behalf of UNDP and WHO Poul has conducted several field missions to countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East, Central Asia and North America. He has also conducted short term consultancy assignments for UNDP in the Middle East and the Caribbean including procurement capacity assessments, development of standard operating procedures etc.

Poul was a Life Cycle Costing Expert and Logistics Advisor in the Procurement Unit of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) based in Vienna, Austria until mid-2013.

For the UNDP Procurement Training team Poul tutors the Supply Chain Management in Humanitarian Organizations; Introductory and Advanced Certification in Public Procurement as well as the Diploma in Strategic Public Procurement (UNDP/CIPS Level 2, 3 & 4).

Poul is a Danish national and his academic background is in Economics with Graduate Diplomas in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Informatics/Management Accounting.


Poul Muller

Rodolfo Sanjurjo


Rodolfo Sanjurjo has been a tutor for diverse Procurement training courses for the past 15 years for various UN organizations and International Financial Institutions, in particular in the Latin American region. His expertise lies within the private sector, The World Bank, the UN System -for both UNOPS and UNDP- as well as tutor on "Introductory Certificate in Public Procurement - CIPS Level 2”.

As detailed below, Rodolfo Sanjurjo has worked on General Procurement Procedures and Regulations, Procurement Training and Seminars, and most recently on Procurement Oversight, both as an independent consultant or as UN staff.

Rodolfo Sanjurjo joined the UN system in 1997 as Head of UNOPS Lima Office (Perú), co-ordinating a staff of 25 procurement professionals tendering Goods, Services and Civil Works (over 240 tenders, with an approximate value of USD 525 millions) for Government Counterpart and UNDP; in 2002 he joined UNDP, and served as Head of UNDP Brazil CO Procurement Unit and later UNDP Honduras Procurement Unit.

In 2007, Rodolfo Sanjurjo was selected Chairperson of the Regional Advisory Committee on Procurement, based in the UNDP Panamá Regional Service Centre, where he Chaired the Regional Advisory Committee on Procurement (RACP), the procurement oversight committee for all 26 UNDP CO in Latin America and the Caribbean, by revising on a weekly basis compliance with UNDP Procurement Rules and Regulations of high value procurement tenders as well as carried out procurement training sessions to all UNDP Country Offices´ Procurement staff on procurement matters and procedures, in compliance with the applicable Rules and Regulations.

Rodolfo Sanjurjo retired from UNDP as RACP Chairperson and is now one of our external tutors.

Rodolfo Sanjurjo is an Uruguayan National, Architect by profession and is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Rodolfo Sanjurjo

Alfonso Buxens


Alfonso Buxens arrival contributes to the strengthening of the procurement function in the region, with a focus on supporting UNDP field offices in procurement policy interpretation, capacity building and “hands-on” support in the management of complex procurement cases involving high expenditure/ high risk.

Alfonso relocates to Panama City after serving with UNDP in Copenhagen since 2009. During this time, Alfonso worked first as Lead for the Procurement Support Unit (PSU/BMS) Crisis Prevention and Recovery Team. Since 2014, through a matrixed arrangement between PSU/BMS and BPPS/GF-HIST, he has developed and managed UNDP’s global pharmaceutical sourcing and contract management portfolio which presently amounts to a U$ 200+ Millions annual spend, mainly in support of Global Fund grants and Government Cost Sharing agreements implemented by UNDP.

During 2006-2009 Alfonso worked as the Principle Procurement Specialist for the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), based in Nicaragua, where he managed a substantive public procurement reform program funded by IADB and provided extensive support to institutional strengthening and capacity development.

Alfonso has been directly involved with operational, policy and strategic dimensions of procurement and contracting over the past 20+ years. He joined UNDP first in 1996 as Junior Professional Officer, at the Inter-Agency Procurement Services Office (IAPSO). He worked with UNDP Bosnia Herzegovina, UNDP Kosovo and UNDP Serbia until 2001, for UNOPS as a Procurement Specialist during 2001-2004 and for a private consultancy firm, as a Project Manager during 2004-2005..

Alfonso holds an MBA in Strategy and Procurement Management from the University of Birmingham (UK), and a Master Degree in Financial Management from the University of Deusto (Spain). He is a fully certified member (MCIPS) of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) (UK) and regularly conducts CIPS procurement courses for UNDP and other partners.

Alfonso Buxens

Rodney Gallway


Rodney Gallwey is Procurement Associate with the UNDP Procurement Support Office in Copenhagen. He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Napier, Scotland, a Master of International Trade from the University of Montpellier, France and a Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Procurement from Geneva University, Switzerland.
He has joined the UNDP Procurement Support Office during the COVID crisis, providing procurement services to UNDP Country Offices within the areas of Health (PPE, Medical equipment, and diagnostics). He is dealing with major complex operations in Latin America, Middle East and Africa. He also provides procurement training to different country offices, government ministries and university students.

Rodney worked 15 years within the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in charge of Sourcing and Procurement for various countries. He has also been involved in the inspection, laboratory analysis with SGS for 5 years.

Rodney is originally French, British and naturalised Swiss Citizen. 

Rodney Gallway